Dues Depositing Schedule
The Dues will be Payable in six installments as per shcedule given below
Sr. No. Month To be Deposited
1 April Upto 10th April
2 May and June Upto 10th May
3 July and August Upto 10th July
4 September and October Upto 10th September
5 November and December Upto 10th November
6 January, February and March Upto 10th January

  • From 11th day of the Month, Late fee will be charged @ RS. 5 Per Day
  • All payments are to be made in cash
  • Parents are reuested to make all payments on time to avoid fine for late payments
  • School Dues once deposited are not refundable
  • Parents are requested to adhere the above schedule strictly

Special Celebrations
1 Mother's Day 7 Christmas Day
2 Janamashtami 8 Republic Day Celebrations
3 Teacher' Day 9 Lohri Celebration( Folk Dances/Songs)
4 Diwali 10 Annual Function
5 Childern's Day 11 Basant Panchami
6 Grand Parents Day    

List of Holidays
1 Independence Day 7 Balmiki Jayanti
2 Rakhsa Bandhan 8 Diwali
3 Janamashtami 9 Guru NanakJayanti
4 Gandhi Jayanti 10 Maha Shiv Ratri
5 Dussehra 11 Holi
6 Karwa Chouth    

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